Pink Sunrises and Bouvier Dreams

Greetings and Salutations!
I hope all is well in your corner of the world. Know that I am doing fine and continue to take it day by day. It helps when you get up in the morning and this colour is scattered across the sky. Another reason why I love the colour Pink.

Thank you for your emails regarding Kismet. My darling Bouvier has definitely settled in to her new home and entertains us daily with her energy and enthusiasm.

She receives lots of love and attention, especially from her best pal Charlie. The contrasts between the two dogs is very amusing at times, especially when I am out walking with them.

Charlie absolutely loves play-fighting with Kismet and he can really hold his own. Of course sometimes he doesn't get out of the way of her big paws and she can bat him around pretty good. For the most part Kismet has learned how rough she can play with Charlie and the two are most entertaining inside and outside the house.

My girl plays hard and naps hard!

Kismet continues to do wonders for my health and stamina. The responsibility of a pet is a great motivator, even on the days when my legs and feet don't want to cooperate. Pretty scenery helps as well.

Walking does this body good, even if it doesn't feel so good at the time in sub-zero temperatures. The weather at this time of the year in southern Ontario can get a bit wacky trying to make up it's mind. From sub-zero to the annual January thaw the week prior and back to frigid temperatures.

Both Kismet and I are glad to see the return of snow which fell yesterday. Kismet lives for it and for me it was too soon for the rainy wet weather. I'll deal with that in March thank you.

I know this amount of snowfall is nothing compared to other regions in the Province but it makes for good rolling according to a certain young pup I know!

Some recent events have me appreciating and loving my dog even more. Dogs don't come with the emotional baggage that humans drag around and pollute others lives with. I'm working hard at not becoming a recluse but some days are definitely trying!

Then you come home and receive affection like this and it washes all the nastiness away!

To all of Kismet's fans and her family at Animatch in Montreal, please know our girl is happy and I am thrilled to bits she is part of my life!
This I shall never tire of.

God Bless!


Robin said...

I love the pics!

jenszabo said...

Jen here, volunteer at Animatch who never tires from reading updates on Kismet. The pic of her licking your face made me melt. I know first hand how an animal can help in recovery - the days when you are hurting don't seem as bad when you have the companion of an animal, especially a dog. Keep posting! You never tire of talking about her and we never tire of reading about both of you.

Take care. Stay positive.
J. :)

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